How to Play Spanish 21

Blackjack comes in various shapes and sizes, and one of the popular variants is called Spanish 21. It was introduced to American casinos back in 1995, although the game itself originated in Spain long before that. The game is heavily based on classic blackjack, with a couple of differences that make it very entertaining.

If you are interested in trying this type of game, make sure to check out sites that review blackjack casinos and find the one includes this blackjack variant. Even if you don’t manage to find it, there will always be the classic type of blackjack which is very similar and equally enjoyable to Spanish 21.

The game is played on a custom table layout which is pretty similar to the classic table. Furthermore, six to eight decks are used, but all suited 10 cards are not included in the game like in other forms of blackjack. On the other hand, Jacks, Queens, and Kings are in the game.

Furthermore, one of the interesting rules is that a players 21 will always beat 21 that dealer has. Also, a dealer can choose to hit or stand if being on a soft 17, and some casinos will enable players to redouble up to three times.

One of the interesting rules is that late surrender while the player is on the first two cards is also enabled much like double after a split. Players are allowed to draw several cards after Aces are split.

When it comes to hit, stand and split rules, they are actually pretty much similar to the classic blackjack games. You can choose to hit, stand or split only after you place your bet and the dealer gives you the first card. Nevertheless, make sure to check out some of the Spanish 21 strategy sheets and charts before you actually start playing the game in order to get the most out of it. As a matter of fact, even if you want to play an ordinary blackjack game, you should check out a blackjack strategy chart to understand how to deal with most of the possible situations when playing this game.

To sum up, if you like playing online blackjack and all of its variants, make sure to claim welcome bonuses in casinos you choose to register at and boost your blackjack experience. These bonuses usually reward you with extra money that you can use to play games such as blackjack and other popular online casino games.

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