About Us

ReviewBlackjack.com was built more as a hobby for myself and a few friends to share our experiences when playing blackjack. At first it was to be a basic blog where we would review land based casinos we visited and to share our experiences there. Early on we realized there are not as many casinos as we were thinking and we only get to Atlantic City about every other month and Las Vegas maybe once per year if we are lucky. As a result we quickly learned we played blackjack online a lot more than we did at land based, brick and mortar casinos. Because of that it only made sense to turn this website into more of an online blackjack resource than brick and mortar casino resource.

Whether you have played blackjack a lot and very proficient with the game, have never played before in your life or anything in between, there should be something here for everyone. From learning the basics of playing blackjack to the best online casinos to play at, hopefully you find something here at ReviewBlackjack of value. We do recommend checking out our News section as there us plenty of articles about all kinds of topics related to blackjack.

Those of us that contribute to the website range in both blackjack experience and website experience. Some of us are better with the website side of things while others are more of the gambling type. We do have quite a few other websites and even started a business to manage all the websites we own. To learn more about the business see our website at the www.TheGottriedGroup.com which also has some great information if you yourself would want to start a website of your own. Like here, it too contains a Gaming News section which has articles about more than just blackjack.

We hope you like our website and encourage everyone to check back often as it will always be a “work in progress”. We try to add to this website as much as we can but some of the the bigger websites we own take a lot of our time. This website is more of a “fun” website which try to add to in our free time. Regardless, if you want to play online blackjack see the online casinos we recommend playing at. We ourselves have played at every online casino on the list and continue t play at them today. We give  no nonsense reviews of the casinos and try to add everything we ourselves would be interested in when trying to pick an online casino to play at.

Enjoy and good luck at the tables! Blackjack is our favorite casino game and we enjoy playing and sharing what we have learned. We just hope it somehow helps some others as well.