What is Progressive Blackjack and How to Play

Have you ever played blackjack before? If your answer to this question is a positive one, then you probably already know how to play progressive blackjack. All people who have at least some casino experience are familiar with the concept of progressive prizes, and the only thing that makes progressive blackjack different from the standard version of this game is its prizes.

The Concept of Progressive Prizes
With all the progressive blackjack rules being virtually identical to the standard blackjack game, we only need to explain the concept of progressive prizes. This type of jackpots are often seen in online slots, but they were only recently introduced to blackjack, thanks to the technology that exists at online casinos.

Basically, the ordinary type of jackpot is a fixed sum, while the progressive type is a sum that goes up every passing minute. The trick is that every bet you make contributes to the final progressive jackpot, and with thousands of players playing the game, the progressive jackpot is bound to rise quicker.

This is done by placing a special side bet whenever you play online blackjack. By doing so, you contribute to the progressive jackpot prize and even get a chance to win additional cash prizes. If you are really lucky, you might as well win the progressive jackpot.

The sum of your jackpot, therefore, can substantially vary, and various things affect it. First of all, if more players play the game, the jackpot will rise quicker. Furthermore, every progressive jackpot has a default starting value. In other words, when somebody wins a progressive jackpot, it resets to its default value instead of starting with a zero. Therefore, the time and the number of players are two crucial things that affect every progressive jackpot.

If you win it immediately after somebody else, you would probably win a jackpot which is very close to its starting value. On the other hand, if nobody wins a progressive jackpot for a long time, you are up for a very lucrative prize that can make you rich overnight.

Whenever you want to play an online casino game, you should read more about it. Therefore, before you start playing any kind of blackjack, make sure to look for professional websites on the web that will review blackjack games for you and help you pick the one that you like the most. If a progressive jackpot is an idea that seems appealing to you, make sure to check out progressive blackjack!

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