The Martingale Strategy In Blackjack — Does It Work?

Every once in a while, we will review blackjack strategies and post our opinion on them. Right now, we are going to cover the so-called martingale betting strategy that could help you manage your bankroll better and increase the possibility of winning.

So, what exactly is martingale? It’s a type of negative progression system where players need to increase their betting amount every time they lose a hand. Opposite to that is the positive progression systems where players increase bet amounts every time they win.

The system is pretty easy to apply, but you need to understand how it actually works in order to make the most out of it. For example, if your bet amount is $1, and you win a hand, you should bet $1 again next time. However, if you lose a hand, you should double it up to $2.

At this point, you would have bet a total of $3. If you lose again, you will have to double up, which means that you would have to bet $4.

4+2+1=7. What makes it good is that payouts in blackjack are not 1:1, which is one of the bases for the strategy. However, it gets a bit more complicated here. If it was 1:1 and you win your $4 bet, you would have won a total of $8, which would cover all your previous losses and you would win $1 extra. However, blackjack has a 3:2 payout in most cases, so you would technically win a bit more than $1 extra.

Not Perfect

However, the problem with martingale is that there are streaks. Let’s say that your starting bet is $5 and you lose a hand seven times in a row. The first bet would be $5, and then, you will increase to $10, $20, $40, $80, $160 and $320. At that point, you would have to bet a total of 320+160+80+40+20+10+5, which is $635. In other words, you would require a significant budget to apply the martingale betting system well.

In other words, this system is risky, just like any other system. You have to remember that blackjack is still a game of luck, and as such, it cannot be “cheated” with a simple betting system.

On the other hand, you can minimize the house edge by using a blackjack strategy chart and improve your chances of ending up a winner in this card game.

SlotoCash Offers a Lucrative Welcome Bonus

Black Diamond casino is now SlotoCash, which is a very popular online site for playing casino games. Although it features online slots, there are some very interesting blackjack games. In fact, you can play a standard blackjack, blackjack Perfect Pairs, Suit’ Em Up Blackjack, Pontoon, and other variations such as Face Up 21, Super 21, Match Play 21, and European Blackjack. No matter which game you choose, you need to know that you can play them all with bonus money if you want, and SlotoCash has a very lucrative welcome bonus.

The welcome offer on this site is considered one of the most generous among all online casinos. It is available for the first five deposits that you make. Let’s take a closer look!

When you deposit the money for the first time, you will get a 200% match bonus up to $2000. In addition to that, you will also receive 100 Free Spins for a game called Pig Winner. Therefore, if you are into slots, you could spin some reels while you rest from playing blackjack.

The second deposit will also award you a 200% match bonus up to $2000. However, this time you get 50 free spins. The third deposit is a 100% bonus up to $1000 and 50 Free Spins, and the fourth one is identical. What’s interesting is the bonus you get on your fifth deposit. It’s a 177% bonus up to $1,777. Naturally, you also get 50 free spins for Pig Winner.

There are a couple of things you should know about this bonus. First of all, all of the deposits require a $20 minimum deposit to be activated. Furthermore, they must be redeemed in the order as described. In other words, you cannot redeem the first deposit bonus and then jump straight to the fifth deposit bonus. Also, take into account that you must enter the coupon code for every deposit you make to trigger the appropriate bonus. You can find coupon codes on the site. Finally, the bonus money is a subject to wagering requirements, and you must wager them 25x before they become available for withdrawal. What you may not like is the fact that the wagering requirements only count if you play slots or keno.

To sum up, if you want to find other sites that also offer great bonuses, make sure to visit pages that review blackjack casinos and find out more about them.

Is Card Counting Illegal in Online Casinos?

Blackjack is definitely one of the most popular card games in both land-based and online casinos, but one of the main reason for that is that there are many strategies to increase your success. One of the strategies that are widely accepted both by players and casinos includes studying and applying the blackjack strategy chart, which tells players what to play in most of the situations. If you follow the chart, you could minimize the house edge and have fun along the way.

However, this is not the only thing that helps players who like blackjack. In fact, there is this black-hat technique which is often discussed among blackjack lovers, and it is called card counting.

What Is Card Counting?
It is an advanced blackjack strategy that uses math so that the players could count the probability of the upcoming hands. By applying this strategy, players not only decrease the house edge but sometimes even gain the edge over casinos. The risk and luck factor are minimized here, but they are not completely excluded and still play an important role. Now, this is an advanced technique that cannot really be explained in one short text, so we will not discuss it further as that is not the primary topic of this article. In fact, we are interested more in the legality of it.

Is Card Counting Illegal?
Casinos strictly forbid any kind of cheating techniques, but the truth is that card counting isn’t exactly cheating per se as players play according to the rules and only use math to gain an advantage. In other words, it is a sort of flaw in the game that is somewhat exploited by the players and as such cannot be welcomed by casinos.

Therefore, to answer the topic question — no, card counting is not illegal, and you can do it. However, casinos legally have the power to ask the players to stop playing blackjack if they notice that they are counting cards.

In the end, counting cards doesn’t really pay off, especially not in online casinos where such behavior is easy to notice and simply ban players from playing. Instead, you should stick to the blackjack strategy charts and have fun, leaving something up to chance. After all, blackjack is not only a game of skill but a game of chance as well, and luck plays an important role here. Make sure to check out sites that review blackjack casinos and games in order to play the best blackjack games on the web.

What Is Insurance in Blackjack and Should You Use It?

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games ever, and its popularity stems from the fact that it is super entertaining to play and has a low house edge. The entertaining part is quite clear, as players usually love spending time playing this game.

When it comes to the house edge, it gets a bit more complicated, as this concept is not always familiar to the players who are new to blackjack. Therefore, before we proceed to talk about insurance bets, we need to discuss the concept of “house edge.”

When you read articles that review blackjack, you usually come across the term house edge, and it is nothing more than the approximate amount of money that the house (casino) earns from games. For example, slots have a house edge of approximately 2% to as much as 20-30% (don’t play the latter). However, blackjack has a house edge of only 1.5%, and if you apply the right strategy, you can lower it even further to 0.5%. In other words, gains from this game are usually very low for casinos.

In order to have a larger house edge, casinos decided to offer the so-called “insurance” bets, which are side bets that are treated separately from the main wager. The idea of this bet is to buy yourself an “insurance” if the dealer has a blackjack. This bet pays 2:1, meaning that you will receive $2 for every $1 that you bet. However, in order for this bet to make sense, you need to make the maximum insurance bet and only then will you be able to earn a lot of money if the dealer beats you in the main game.

The thing with insurance bet is that they don’t rely on strategy at all and are pure chance. They are often missed, and it is not advised for people who want to play blackjack seriously to place this bets at all. In other words, if you want to follow some of the basic strategies and refer to the blackjack strategy chart, insurance bets are a big no-no for you as they will probably make you lose more money.

In other words, the house edge gets much higher with this type of bets, and they can do nothing but harm in the long run. However, if you play blackjack for fun and want to take risks, feel free to place insurance bets whenever your gut tells you to do so, but make sure not to overdo it.

What Is the Difference Between American and European Blackjack?

If you like playing blackjack, you probably know that there are a couple of different variants of the game, with the two most popular being American blackjack and European blackjack. Although both games are based on virtually identical blackjack rules, there are a couple of differences that you need to take into account so that you know what kind of strategy you need to apply in order to minimize losses and maximize wins.

The main difference is that in the European blackjack, there is no hole card. Meaning that the dealer cannot peek at his card to see whether there is a chance for a blackjack. Instead, he receives the second card only after all the player hands are completed. In other words, he is dealt only one face-up card so that means that there is no chance for the round to end immediately after the cards have been dealt. When hands end early by the dealer who managed to get a blackjack, that prevents players from losing more money. However, that rule doesn’t exist in European blackjack. Furthermore, it means that the American blackjack strategy chart is probably not going to work on the European variant.

Another important rule is that doubling down in the European blackjack is possible only on hands that have a value of 9, 10, or 11. On the other hand, players can use the double down option on virtually any hand in the American blackjack.

Also, the number of decks that are used for playing the European type of blackjack is two, while in America, dealers usually use six to eight decks when playing. The main difference here is that the fewer decks there are, the easier card counting becomes. However, card counting is not allowed in casinos, so don’t try it even when playing the European blackjack.

When it comes to splitting, European blackjack allows players to split only cards that are like valued and have a value of 10, meaning 10s, Jacks, Queens, and Kings. Furthermore, they are allowed to split only once, whereas in American blackjack, players can split three times.

Finally, there is no late surrender in European blackjack, which makes things a bit more difficult compared to the American variant where players can surrender whenever they think there is no chance to win a hand.

To sum up, if we were to choose what blackjack type is the most suitable for the majority of players, we would have to go for the American one as its users are more user-friendly and flexible. If you want to play the best American and European blackjack, make sure to check out sites that review blackjack and find an online casino that suits your tastes.

How to Play Spanish 21

Blackjack comes in various shapes and sizes, and one of the popular variants is called Spanish 21. It was introduced to American casinos back in 1995, although the game itself originated in Spain long before that. The game is heavily based on classic blackjack, with a couple of differences that make it very entertaining.

If you are interested in trying this type of game, make sure to check out sites that review blackjack casinos and find the one includes this blackjack variant. Even if you don’t manage to find it, there will always be the classic type of blackjack which is very similar and equally enjoyable to Spanish 21.

The game is played on a custom table layout which is pretty similar to the classic table. Furthermore, six to eight decks are used, but all suited 10 cards are not included in the game like in other forms of blackjack. On the other hand, Jacks, Queens, and Kings are in the game.

Furthermore, one of the interesting rules is that a players 21 will always beat 21 that dealer has. Also, a dealer can choose to hit or stand if being on a soft 17, and some casinos will enable players to redouble up to three times.

One of the interesting rules is that late surrender while the player is on the first two cards is also enabled much like double after a split. Players are allowed to draw several cards after Aces are split.

When it comes to hit, stand and split rules, they are actually pretty much similar to the classic blackjack games. You can choose to hit, stand or split only after you place your bet and the dealer gives you the first card. Nevertheless, make sure to check out some of the Spanish 21 strategy sheets and charts before you actually start playing the game in order to get the most out of it. As a matter of fact, even if you want to play an ordinary blackjack game, you should check out a blackjack strategy chart to understand how to deal with most of the possible situations when playing this game.

To sum up, if you like playing online blackjack and all of its variants, make sure to claim welcome bonuses in casinos you choose to register at and boost your blackjack experience. These bonuses usually reward you with extra money that you can use to play games such as blackjack and other popular online casino games.

What is Progressive Blackjack and How to Play

Have you ever played blackjack before? If your answer to this question is a positive one, then you probably already know how to play progressive blackjack. All people who have at least some casino experience are familiar with the concept of progressive prizes, and the only thing that makes progressive blackjack different from the standard version of this game is its prizes.

The Concept of Progressive Prizes
With all the progressive blackjack rules being virtually identical to the standard blackjack game, we only need to explain the concept of progressive prizes. This type of jackpots are often seen in online slots, but they were only recently introduced to blackjack, thanks to the technology that exists at online casinos.

Basically, the ordinary type of jackpot is a fixed sum, while the progressive type is a sum that goes up every passing minute. The trick is that every bet you make contributes to the final progressive jackpot, and with thousands of players playing the game, the progressive jackpot is bound to rise quicker.

This is done by placing a special side bet whenever you play online blackjack. By doing so, you contribute to the progressive jackpot prize and even get a chance to win additional cash prizes. If you are really lucky, you might as well win the progressive jackpot.

The sum of your jackpot, therefore, can substantially vary, and various things affect it. First of all, if more players play the game, the jackpot will rise quicker. Furthermore, every progressive jackpot has a default starting value. In other words, when somebody wins a progressive jackpot, it resets to its default value instead of starting with a zero. Therefore, the time and the number of players are two crucial things that affect every progressive jackpot.

If you win it immediately after somebody else, you would probably win a jackpot which is very close to its starting value. On the other hand, if nobody wins a progressive jackpot for a long time, you are up for a very lucrative prize that can make you rich overnight.

Whenever you want to play an online casino game, you should read more about it. Therefore, before you start playing any kind of blackjack, make sure to look for professional websites on the web that will review blackjack games for you and help you pick the one that you like the most. If a progressive jackpot is an idea that seems appealing to you, make sure to check out progressive blackjack!

What Is European Blackjack and How to Play It?

Have you ever tried playing a card game but the rules were not quite the same as you know them? Some card games do not have standardized rules, which often confuses casual card players, but blackjack has some well established standard rules. As an added bonus, it is difficult not to remember them, as they are pretty easy. The problem with this game is that it lived several separate lives in several different areas of the world, one of them being Europe.

If you are interested in other types of this popular card game, make sure to read how we  review blackjack variants, including the one that is known as European blackjack.

How to Play It?
European Blackjack is very similar to the standard blackjack, and the main goal is to play against the dealer. The usual number of decks used in European blackjack is six, but it can also be played with four or eight. Furthermore, some people opt to play it with just two decks, but it is extremely rare.

The main difference is that the dealer takes his hole card after the dealing of the cards to players. The aim is to simply beat the dealer and get as close to 21 as possible without actually going over 21. The card values are pretty much identical to the standard American blackjack, with face cards being worth 10 points each and Aces being worth either 10 or 1 point.

Furthermore, if the dealer has a Blackjack, the player will lose his total bet, which is also an important thing to know about this game variant. Also, it is not allowed to split 4s, 5s, and 10-valued cards, which makes things pretty interesting. Aces can be split, but the player is allowed to receive only one other card for each ace.

Finally, the surrender option is almost never allowed when it comes to European Blackjack, and this is something which is extremely important, so please take it into account.

If you think that you can do well when playing European Blackjack, you can check out some online casinos to see whether they have this type of card game available. Even if you cannot find one, you can always test your luck and skills by playing the standard blackjack, which can be pretty rewarding as well. Therefore, make sure to open up an online casino account so you will be ready to improve your blackjack skill!