Blackjack Basics

Blackjack strategy can be a complex and confusing thing and if you don’t want to memorize all the intricacies of basic strategy, as well as masses of information on the best type of blackjack to play and what to do, our seven golden rules might be just what you need. These seven top blackjack tips are easy to remember and will massively improve your chances of making a profit from playing online blackjack.

1. Never Play at a Short Pay Table

Blackjack should always pay a natural 21, blackjack, at odds of 3/2. Any less than that, for example 6/5, and the house edge rises massively, meaning your chances of making a profit in the long term shrink significantly.

2. Choose a Good Blackjack Site

All the tips, tactics, strategy and even luck in the world won’t help you if you choose a bad online casino. All of the casinos we work with are safe, secure, offer good bonuses and welcome US players, handling both deposits and withdrawals quickly and efficiently.

3. Keep it Simple

As a general rule, the types of blackjack with the lowest house edge are the most basic ones so if you want to work through a bonus, play for a long time with minimal loss or hope to make long term profit avoid progressive blackjack games or those with added side bets or games.

4. If the Dealer is Showing a Seven Up Then Keep on Hitting

If the dealer has a seven, eight, nine, 10 or ace then keep hitting till you make at least 17 (or bust). You might think that standing on 16 or even 15 at least keeps you in the hand but in the long term it’s a losing ploy.

5. Always Split Eights

Always, always, always split eights, even to a dealer showing an ace. That’s all there is to say on this one!

6. Never Split 10s

Another simple rule. Even if the dealer is showing a six and you think you may have the opportunity to make some extra cash, you should never split 10s.

7. Never Take Insurance

We finish with a third simple rule: never, ever, take insurance as it’s a bad bet, regardless of the hand you have.

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