The Blackjack Hall of Fame

The Blackjack Hall of Fame is where we’d all like to end up but sadly winning a few hundred dollars at your local casino or favorite online site isn’t going to cut it I’m afraid. The Blackjack Hall of Fame, which was created as recently as 2002, honors only the great and the good of the game, with blackjack’s finest players, most innovative strategists and most illuminating writers earning their place in blackjack folklore by being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

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One of the first people ever to gain an ever-lasting and fully inclusive comp from the Barona Casino (the prize granted to Hall of Fame inductees in exchange for agreeing never to darken the casino’s blackjack tables again!) was Al Francesco. Al was one of the seven inaugural inductees in 2002 and his role in developing the idea of team play in blackjack was what earned him his spot in history.

Another of the seven original members was Edward O. Thorp, who wrote the seminal piece on card counting, Beat the Dealer. The other five people inducted in 2002 were:

  • Stanford Wong – who “invented” the strategy of “Wonging”
  • Tommy Hyland – who was the manager of long-running blackjack team
  • Arnold Snyder – who was a former blackjack pro
  • Peter Griffin – who was the author of The Theory of Blackjack and an astounding mathematician
  • Ken Uston – who was born in New York to Austrian and Japanese parents Uston was crucial to the growth of team play and was the subject of a great documentary “The Blackjack Man”

Originally nominations for a place in the Hall of Fame was decided by a group of blackjack experts but since 2006 it has been the existing Hall of Famers who have made the decision on who to induct. As of 2015 there is a total of 23 Hall of Famers, one of the most famous additions being John Chang, added in 2007, for his role as manager of the infamous MIT blackjack team.

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