Three Common Blackjack Mistakes

Playing online blackjack is fun, period. But it’s even more fun when you’re winning and taking the casino for cold hard cash so avoid the mistakes below to give yourself the very best chance of making a decent profit.

Playing Bad Strategy

Blackjack is great in that it has a low house edge and it has a clearly and unambiguously laid out strategy of playing to ensure the best returns. Played correctly, the casino’s advantage over the player can be as little as 0.5%, or even less if you find a variant of the game with player-friendly rules. However, many players ignore basic strategy, despite it being the mathematically proven way to maximize long term returns.

Maybe you aren’t aware of basic strategy (hint – we have a guide right here on our site) or maybe you just can’t be bothered to use it. Remember, by not making the right calls on when to hit, when to stand or when to double or split, you are throwing cash in the trash!

Playing the Wrong Game

Many US friendly online casinos and blackjack sites offer a choice of slightly different blackjack variants. Some of these, those with liberal rules, will have a house edge at the low end of the aforementioned spectrum, in the region of around 0.5%. However, choose a game with extra decks, tough rules on doubles and, perhaps worst of all, short pays on blackjack, and you are massively increasing the advantage the dealer holds over you. We’ve got four words for you – cash in the trash!

Choosing the Wrong Bonus

When you join a new online casino you may be faced with a choice of casino welcome bonuses. If you dive right in and simply plump for the biggest amount or the highest percentage you may miss out if blackjack is the game you want to play.

Most of the best bonuses are reserved for slots fans, simply because whilst the house edge in blackjack is usually less than 1%, on slots it can be 10 times that or even more! Check the details of the bonus before you dive in and make sure that blackjack is allowed and, ideally, that it contributes at 100%, or at the very least a good solid percentage, towards the bonus wagering requirements.

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