Is Blackjack the Best Casino Game Around?

Okay, well, we’ve got to admit to a slight bias on this one and the fact that we’re writing here at is maybe something of a giveaway to our answer. As such we won’t keep you waiting – the short, sweet and simple answer is… yes, blackjack is the best game to be found in a casino, be that online or offline.

There are several reasons why we think this and they relate to the two main reasons people play casino games: to have fun and to make money. Blackjack offers both of those and that, alongside the brilliant combination of being easy to play but hard to master, is what has made it such a popular game for so many years.

Blackjack may have been around, in one form or another, for as long as 400 years or more, but today – whether played in Las Vegas or Atlantic City, or online on your desktop, tablet or cell – it remains one of, if not THE, most popular casino games around.

Low House Edge

Many people, especially those in the know, play blackjack because few, if any, casino games give the player a better chance to walk away with a profit. The house edge is the phrase used to describe the advantage the house – the casino – holds over the player and on some forms of blackjack it can be as low as 0.28%. There are so many slight rule variations with blackjack but a more reasonable figure to use, and one that you would probably find at most online casinos, is around 0.6%. Whilst that’s more than double the lowest possible figure, it still equates to a loss of just $6 from playing 100 hands at $10 and compares very favorably to slots, where the house edge can be as much as 20% and even roulette (2.70% to 5.26%) and Caribbean Stud Poker (5.22%).

Player’s Actions Matter

There is a degree of skill in blackjack that isn’t found in games such as roulette, where you have no other decision to make aside from what to bet on. With blackjack, your choices impact your success and whilst there is a proven method of play – basic strategy – you still have to make the right calls at the right time.

This, along with a very real chance to win, is why we say blackjack is, without doubt, the best game in the casino!

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