When to Switch to High Stake Blackjack?

Description: How to know that you’re ready for a high-stake blackjack session? How long should you play before you increase your wagers? Let’s find out.

Blackjack, like many other gambling games, allows players to set their bet size. Depending on the type of table you’re playing on, the minimum and maximum limits may differ. However, if you’re new to blackjack, you shouldn’t pay attention to the high-roller tables for a long time, even if you have a huge budget.

We’ll always advise against playing high stake games until you’ve mastered the most popular casino card game in the world.

When to Switch

Whenever we review blackjack strategies, we use small numbers as examples. That’s because you should start playing with a couple of dollars too, before switching to more money.

The thing is — many blackjack players don’t know when to switch, and that’s why we decided to resolve the dilemma in this article.

However, our answer to that question is rather harsh. Are you ready for it? Here it is.

The first time you should increase your bet in blackjack is when you master the game. It means you should switch when you played hundreds — if not thousands — of hands and learned all the strategies there are

You should start with the simplest ones, such as the one depicted in our blackjack strategy chart. Make sure to check it out and study it carefully before you start playing your first online blackjack session. This chart will tell you what to do in each given hand when playing standard online blackjack.

Mastering Blackjack

However, you need to know it by heart if you want to master the game. After learning the chart, you should focus on many other techniques and strategies that are part of blackjack. Only then will you be able to gradually increase your stakes when playing the game.

You should know that the stakes aren’t as black-and-white, and how much you’ll bet depends on many things, the first being your bankroll. If you master blackjack, but you cannot afford to switch to higher stakes, then you should continue playing with small bets.

The point is — you have to be objective when playing blackjack and thread forward each step at a time.

Also, please understand that the game allows a considerable gradient of bets, meaning it’s now just between choosing $1 and $10,000 per bet. You need to increase your bets carefully.

Therefore, if you’re new, please start with the lowest possible bet and study available blackjack material. Also, check out some of the online casinos available on this site to find great blackjack games.


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