The Etiquette of Live Casinos — The Do’s and Don’t’s of Live Blackjack

Live casino is more similar to land-based casinos as there are actual people involved. When you play online blackjack (non-live), it’s just you and the machine.

However, that’s different in a live environment. Apart from a real dealer, there are also other real players that want to have fun just as much as you do.

That’s why it’s important to stick to the live casino etiquette. That’s not something you aren’t aware of, as it is pretty much similar to land-based casinos. Yet, it’s important to discuss it to help you have the best possible live blackjack experience.

Whenever we review blackjack games, we talk about the pace of the game. Online software usually has a counter that gives you time to think about what to do.

Although it’s time-limited, you’re the one who sets the pace in the end. That’s why it is important not to be too slow. Don’t wait until the counter expires, as you’ll slow the game down a lot.

There are many players who like to play faster and immediately decide what to do. If you are new to live blackjack, feel free to mention that fact to other players so that they could help you out and understand why you’re taking things slowly at the start.

Keep Your Cool

The next thing to do is to watch your language. Live casinos have a chat feature, and you should be aware that it’s real people you’re chatting with.

That’s why cussing and aggressive language are never welcome and can totally ruin the experience. Therefore, make sure to be friendly with everyone who is playing with you at the moment.

Finally, it’s always a good idea to tip the dealer, especially after you’ve won a bigger sum. Tipping the dealer has been accepted code of conduct in many US land-based casinos, and it’s no different in live casinos either.

There’s almost always an option to tip the dealer, so don’t be stingy after you win a big prize, and share a small part of it with the dealer.

There are many great blackjack online casinos out there, and we made a list of the best ones, so make sure to check it out. Some of them even offer live blackjack games, where you can learn more about this type of entertainment and get the first-hand experience of playing live casino games.

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