Is Online Blackjack Legal in the US?

Online blackjack has been really popular lately, and it seems that its popularity has been growing for some time now, as more people find it convenient to enjoy this game from the comfort of their home. In fact, nobody likes driving to the nearest casino just to play a couple of hands of this card game. Online casino games seem to be a perfect alternative.

There are many great platforms that review blackjack games and tell interested visitors which online casinos to visit. However, many of them are not sure whether they are actually allowed to play blackjack on the web.

There’s no definitive answer to this question as it is left to individual states to decide whether online gambling is legal or not. For example, New Jersey and Nevada have been doing a lot of work lately towards improving the overall state of affairs in online gambling, which also includes online blackjack.

However, there are some more conservative states that may not be very thrilled with the idea of allowing online gambling.

It all comes down to the fact that some states may not allow gambling operators to run online casinos from these states. Therefore, many people who want to play casino games on the web cannot find any offers on the Internet. Make sure to review blackjack sites to see what is available to you.

However, there are some things they can do in order to avoid restriction, which includes using a VPN to get an IP address from another state or actually traveling to another state.

Offshore Solution

Perhaps the best possible solution is to play casino games at one of the offshore online casinos. These are platforms that are licensed by a regulatory body that is not in the US. There are many great offshore casinos that are both regulated and trustworthy, and most US citizens can legally access them.

Essentially, the majority of states do not prosecute people who decide to join an offshore online casino and play games. In fact, the majority don’t even forbid that.

Therefore, to answer the question at hand — it’s perfectly legal to play online blackjack if you live in the US, even if the state you are currently residing in doesn’t actually allow online casino platforms.

If you are looking for some great online blackjack games, make sure to check out some interesting online casinos that offer it and open an account at some of them. There are many great platforms out there, so feel free to explore them and get the most of them by claiming some of the welcome bonuses they offer for new players.

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