Blackjack: online versus real casino

Online casinos have become increasingly popular in recent years thanks to the rise of the internet and the advancement in software and hardware technologies. It is no surprise, then, that one of the most popular games in the casino – blackjack – is at the forefront of this wave of popularity, its simplicity to understand and low house edge making it the game of choice for amateurs and pros alike. But how does playing blackjack online compare to playing in a real, live bricks and mortar casino? Here we look at the pros and cons of each.


Okay, if you happen to live in a suite in one of the top hotels on the Strip in Vegas, you might find taking a lift down to the gaming floor quite easy. But given that most of us don’t have that luxury, it has to be said that playing blackjack on your laptop or, increasingly, even your cell phone is a heck of lot more convenient than having to travel to a bricks and mortar establishment, especially if you happen to live in a state that has no real casinos! One nil to online blackjack.

Value for money

Tied into the fact that many people have to travel sometimes very long distances to get some blackjack action in a real casino, you can end up being out of pocket before a card has even been dealt if you are not careful. Again with online blackjack you have no such expenses, you can just load up the game whenever and wherever you happen to be. Another plus for Team Online!

House edge

Assuming the same rule variants are applied, the house edge of blackjack will be no different whether you play online or at a real casino. However, the massive bonuses that are often offered to new players by online casinos mean that the already small house edge can sometimes be trimmed to almost nothing. Only the really high rollers get big discounts or meaningful perks in bricks and mortar casinos (see our article about Don Johnson), so it looks like it’s three nil to the online variety of this great game.

Social interaction

Okay, this is where the casino-based blackjack fights back. There really is no beating the atmosphere in a top Vegas casino, as you live out your James Bond fantasies and, hopefully, impress the crowd by winning a big stack. You don’t get quite the same adoration when you play online, even when there is an attached chat room. Having said that, the increasing standard and availability of “live dealer casinos” online means that you can certainly get a slice of the atmosphere whilst playing from your own home, so while the bricks and mortar blackjack takes this one, it’s not by much.

So at three-one to online blackjack, why not give it a go before booking your next flights to Vegas?

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