What Makes a Great Blackjack Site?

There are literally hundreds of online casinos and blackjack sites out there and whilst not all of them accept US players or make depositing and withdrawing easy, there is still a huge choice. That makes the issue of deciding where to play your blackjack a tough decision but we’re here to help by telling you exactly what to look out for.

Blackjack Bonuses

The bonus may not be top of everyone’s list but if you’re operating in a buyer’s market and with so many sites competing for your business, there are some great bonuses about. The important things to look out for are what the total bonus is, what percentage it is, what wagering is required before you can make a withdrawal, if there is a time limit on the wagering and, last but certainly not least, does blackjack count 100% towards the rollover? In terms of assessing the value of the bonus we feel the fairest measurement is the value of the bonus compared to the total wagering required to clear it (allowing for the fact that some sites may only count blackjack at 50% or even less).

The Site Itself

There are lots of things to look out for when it comes to the site itself but, assuming you’ve already checked if US players are welcome and won’t have a problem getting their money in and out of the online casino, the following are the most important factors to consider: Does the casino have a good reputation for safe and fair play? Are they licensed and regulated by a trustworthy organization? Have they been around a long time? Do they use good, reliable software?

The Games

The issue of the games is related to that final point about the software a site uses. You want to enjoy playing online blackjack and that means the games must function smoothly, have nice graphics, good sound and they must never crash. In addition, the speed of the games is crucial, too slow and working through a bonus can take forever but equally, too fast and you can lose a heap of money before you realize it. The final thing to check is whether or not the available blackjack games have a low house edge, with the most liberal rules offering the casino an advantage of less than 0.4% and offering the player a great chance to win.

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