Can You Make a Profit From Online Blackjack?

Blackjack is a hugely popular casino game and part of the reason it is so loved is because the casino has very little advantage over the player. The house edge under the most liberal blackjack rules around is just 0.28% but a better guide is around 0.5% as that covers a variety of the most commonly found rule variants.

However, that still means the casino has an advantage over the player and that in the long-term the casino will win, whilst of course in the short and medium term the player maintains an excellent chance of making some money. So, is the answer a straight “no” to the question of our title, “Can You Make a Profit From Online Blackjack?”, if we are thinking long term?

Well, in fact, the answer is yes, you can make, and expect to make, a positive return from playing online blackjack assuming you take advantage of the lowest available house edge, the best online casino bonuses and strictly adhere to basic strategy, the optimum method of playing any given blackjack hand. Throw in extras like comp points, loyalty schemes and extra promotions too and you can certainly leave the (online) casino with a few extra bucks in your pocket.

In years gone by there were excellent profits to be had by using the low house edge and generous bonuses but as some players began to cash in, the casinos tightened up, introducing rollover requirements on their bonuses that were more and more restrictive. Some even ban blackjack entirely, or at the very least make it contribute only a very small (sometimes as low as 1%) percentage towards the necessary wagering.

How to Profit

Assuming you find an online casino that allows blackjack – and some do exist – and has a 100% bonus worth $1,000, with a rollover requirement of 25 times the bonus plus deposit, that would mean in order to withdraw the bonus you would need to wager $50,000 at blackjack.

Now, if we assume a house edge of just 0.5%, one would expect to lose around $250 during that wagering, leaving a very healthy profit of $750. You’d have to play a lot of blackjack – 5,000 hands at $10 a time or even more hands if you want to minimise your risk – but even so, for those with time, the inclination and who enjoy playing online blackjack, this does prove that yes, you can indeed profit.

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